Learning Opportunities

A variety of learning opportunities are available for you to enhance your practice through improved communication and confidence during a challenging conversation with a patient or family member.  Whether through a live workshop, fellowship, or online course, providers will be immersed in world class educational quality and empirically-based understanding of how to navigate difficult medical conversations.  


Through experiential learning, simulated live case re-enactments, evocative trigger films, and exposure to values and everyday ethics you will explore and improve communication in your area of clinical practice.Workshops and courses are especially designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to put your learning into practice right away. 


Rounds are monthly, hour-long forums at Boston Children's Hospital, where nursing and interdisciplinary staff discuss strategies for navigating the challenges of every day professional and clinical practice particularly as they touch on ethical and moral concerns.


Our online learning modules give individual clinicians from all over the world the opportunity to learn about the concepts and approaches to having difficult medical conversations.  Courses are developed and produced by our expert faculty and use a variety of teaching methods including didactic learning, case re-enactments, and video presentations.


IPEP is in the process of developing patient and family centered communication educational programs. Our goal is to help patients and families communicate with their clinicians in the event of a difficult diagnosis or other challenging conversations and become partners in the care of the patient.