David Browning, MSW, LICSW

David M. Browning, MSW, LICSW

Co-founder of IPEP,Senior Scholar Emeritus

As a co-founder of the Institute, David Browning has been centrally involved with articulating the educational philosophy and theory base for IPEP’s approach to learning and with bringing a “learning across boundaries” perspective to all of the Institute’s work.

David’s work as a medical educator has focused on promoting collaborative learning to bring about enhanced professionalism, improved clinical practice, and organizational change. His current work is focused on the everyday ethics of healthcare relationships and the integration of patient and family expertise in healthcare professional learning. He serves on the Ethics Advisory Committee at Boston Children’s Hospital and was a recipient, along with the rest of the IPEP leadership team, of the BCH Academy’s 2010 Medical Educator Award for Innovative Scholarship in Medical Education. Previously, David was a Senior Research Scientist at Education Development Center, Inc., where he directed the Initiative for Pediatric Palliative Care, a nationally acclaimed, interdisciplinary educational program for clinicians serving children with life-threatening conditions and their families.

David received his MSW from Smith College, is a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, and is a recipient of the Social Work Leadership Development Award from the Open Society Institute. In 2012, he completed the year-long Fellowship in Medical Ethics at Harvard Medical School. David co-teaches the Advanced Clinical Proseminar in the palliative care certificate program at Smith College School for Social Work. He is co-author of Talking with Patients and Families about Medical Error: A Guide for Education and Practice, published in December 2010.


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