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The Institute offers interdisciplinary participants the opportunity to learn about communication skills and gain relational abilities for having difficult conversations with patients and/or their families.

BOSTON BASED WORKSHOPS:  Each day-long workshop offers didactic presentations, realistic enactments with professional actors, videotape feedback and debriefing, and group discussion. Each workshop emphasizes the importance of the patient and family perspectives through the use of videotaped family interviews and actors as patient and parent ethical understudies. IPEP is renowned for its use of actors to bring the full range of perspectives into consideration.  Participants are encouraged to reflect on their personal and professional experience, and how that can influence their approach to difficult conversations with patients and families.

LIVE ONLINE WEBINARS: Participation in the Institute's online workshops is through an online video conferencing platform.  Webinars encompass best practices, ethical underpinnings, case-based review, and evocative video scenarios that will make nuanced concepts more tangible.  Using our interactive platform, including our guided whiteboard and comment-board discussions, you’ll be able to engage directly with IPEP’s faculty and your peers from around the country and the globe to learn, discuss, and practice strategies for disclosure.

Workshop Schedule

For dates and times of our upcoming programs visit the  workshop schedule page.

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Difficult Conversations in Health Care: Teaching and Practice in an Interprofessional World

Interprofessional Peer Support Rounds in Critical Care

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Nurse Support Online Rounds (new: coming soon)